August 22, 2018

Michigan here we come! I definitely thought I would be able to drive along Lake Michigan to Ann Arbor but there were too many trees in the way. Trees along the lake, who woulda thunk! Still, it was a perfect blue sky drive.


When I got to Ann Arbor, it looked like something from a Calvin and Hobbes book. BIG, beautiful houses on wide, clean streets. All the houses have big lawns and I knew Piccolo would be excited to have a yard for a couple days. Happy Picky!

Our Airbnb was very nice, three bedrooms and a finished basement.


CrossFit Tree Town was so much fun! They had a large group workout area, a barbell club and an endurance club. They tried to get me to do some cardio (HAH!) but there was no way I was getting on an assault bike. Tree Town felt like a real community away from home and I really loved their vibez.


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August 18, 2018

Tennessee has always seemed like a cool place to visit but Tyler and I didn’t have a lot of time so we planned on lunch in Memphis and dinner in Nashville.

When we got to Memphis, we went straight to Beale St., home of the blues! There were lots of historical statues and loud beer gardens. We found B.B. King’s Blues Club and ate our weight in gumbo and collard greens while listening to live music. So much fun!

The Airbnb in Nashville was sooo cute! Piccolo was happy to explore and stretch his legs after traveling all day. I’m always impressed when I find a fully loaded bookshelf. Had to stick my nose in there for a bit 🙂


If somebody had told me that Nashville was the Vegas of the Midwest, I wouldn’t have believed it. We went down to Broadway and there were so many people: tourist milling the streets in cowboy boots, bachelorette parties singing and dancing on the back of extended tractor beds, and…us. LOL we felt very out of place. But hey I’m all for experiencing new things!



We ended up going down to The Gulch where the scene was a little more tame. Bar patios with games and really great people watching. I’m an old lady haha so we were home and asleep before midnight. BUT it was still a very cool experience and I would love to go back when I have time for more food!

Grand Canyon

August 6, 2018

In case you didn’t know, since I work from home, I did have to get some work done every morning UGH. I also had to train for AO2!!  While in Arizona, I had the pleasure of working out at Crossfit Can-Do. Everything in the gym looked brand new and the owner, Brandon, was very responsive and accommodating to my needs. If you’re in the area, check it out!

Weightlifting notes:

One good 35 snatch complex, one bad 35 complex. Saw that I was catching forward to cause the drops. Pulls felt great! Dropping at the top is nice and makes me reset before each pull. Squats were easy. Noticing huge difference when I lift with my butt vs quads.

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