Welcome to the final installment of my adventures in Vietnam. For those of you catching up, Rachel and I left Stephen in Ha Long Bay to work while we tried to find a bus to Hanoi to party.

July 21, 2018

We found that two of the tourists from the Ha Long Bay boat were on our bus so we shared a taxi with them to the hostel area of Hanoi. If Ho Chi Minh City was the busiest place I had ever seen in my life and Ha Long Bay was the sleepiest, Hanoi was just right.

We checked into the hostel and went to meet Rachel’s high school buddy who took us to the Walking Street. There we found a street lined restaurants with cheap drinks and bars with loud music and people pouring from the doors. The first bar had too much pop and Britney Spears so we made our way to a club bumping EDM.

I made the mistake of putting my foot on a tiny plastic stool (BIG mistake) and a local quickly swatted my shoulder at my faux pas. Later, in the club, I was pushed as I was walking past a dancing circle. Apparently, people were not digging my vibes which is crazy to me because for anyone that knows me well, I’ve got the best dance moves. 🙂

We left around 2 AM to find pho and spring rolls down the street then home to bed.



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Please allow me to introduce this segment with a huge shoutout to Rachel and Steven for letting me tagalong their #VietnamVentures. Chill and experienced travelers, they patiently waited for me to take 1,786 selfies and obliged my candids and plan-dids. I learned so much about unlocked phones, best packing and travel practices and how to haggle with vendors. Thanks again for a remarkably drama-free week!


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