Please allow me to introduce this segment with a huge shoutout to Rachel and Steven for letting me tagalong their #VietnamVentures. Chill and experienced travelers, they patiently waited for me to take 1,786 selfies and obliged my candids and plan-dids. I learned so much about unlocked phones, best packing and travel practices and how to haggle with vendors. Thanks again for a remarkably drama-free week!


January 14, 2018

Taipei has the cutest airport I’ve ever seen- would have a multi hour layover here any day.

January 15, 2018

Saigon Day 1 summary: eat, nap, eat, nap, eat, nap. Wake up at 10 PM covered in mosquito bites and off to find a local bar to watch the futbol game. The straw mat shown was my bed for the night. It’s common to sleep on the ground, a wooden bed with no mat or a two inch mattress that’s hard as rock.

Rachel’s Auntie, Di Thanh, made us feel right at home with sniff kisses, Durian and home made goodies.

The Walking Street in Saigon is unlike any party I have seen before. Vegas and New Orleans have nothing on this multi block dance party.


July 16, 2018

Bombs, bats and bunkers.

We hired a car to drive us 90 minutes to the Cu Chi tunnels where we watched Vietnamese propaganda and toured in and out of the tunnels. There’s video somewhere of me dropping into one and coming back out but I can’t upload it here. I am not usually claustrophobic but these tunnels were ultra-tiny and had bats.

I was super creeped out by all of the mannequins.


July 17, 2018

We moved from Di Thanh’s house to an Airbnb where Steven and I stayed up all night working. Technically, I’m on vacation but sales never sleeps.

In the morning, I went on my first solo adventure and found a gym in the backpacker district. It was dirty and unremarkable. Bonus point for realizing I have no idea how to use gym machines.

After the gym, the three of us went to see Ant Man for 45,000 VND ($2.5) and got massages.  This poor woman spent 45 minutes trying to get my back to crack but everything is so tight locked up, nothing budged.

Day 3 Saigon Observations

1. The Vietnamese have mastered the act of falling asleep in the most awkward and uncomfortable looking positions in the most public places possible. Favorite examples: the lady on-duty at the gym while I was clanging and banging but mostly just dropping things, a woman asleep at jewelry mall counter and the countless men backwards on their motorbikes.

2. There are no traffic laws and nobody cares if you ride your bike upstream but, like New York, if you stop or make any sudden direction changes, you will get squashed.

3. Barbers will plant their chairs in the middle of the sidewalk and buzz people’s heads.

4. All of the food is inexpensive and delicious.

5. I am dangerously anonymous amongst 8.5 million people. mwahahaha



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