Written by Erica Miller aka @yogadoodsies


August 17, 2018


After being in my car for a total of 19 hours I finally pulled up the the glowing Christmas af yard that I knew had to be Mels (a.k.a. mom). She made me a delicious a vegan meal of tofu, veggies, and rice and introduced me to her family (who thought I was a robber or a serial killer; hopefully my complete lack of intimidation eased their minds).

August 18, 2018


As we pull up to the hotel to get Natty, John (moms husband/photographer) is concerned how we will know that it’s her. Natty made it very easy as we drove past the front door of the hotel to find her frantically jumping up and down with all the excitement!


Disney was crowded but that didn’t stop us from getting a little extra with the yoga from time to time (mainly in those long lines). It also didn’t stop Natty and I from storming every food stand looking for hot dogs. We spent our day palling around Disney, doing a bit of yoga, planning the future or YVT, and getting candids by our personal photographer. Ended the day making the wise decision of riding Splash Mountain and getting soaked after the sun had gone down. Worth it.

August 19, 2018


Our day started with none other than super extra yoga pics in the courtyard of the hotel. I don’t think I’ve ever been stared at so much but as my great grandma always said, “you’ll never see these people again in your life.” Mom was amazing in helping all of us get great shots, so amazing that she almost ran backwards into the fire pit and we thought for sure she was going in the fountain. Thankfully mom made it through hotel pics unharmed.


We then made our way to a park to finish up our pictures for the day. We twisted in front of the Christmas Tree (side note: don’t throw your scrunchie during pics because birds will think it’s food and will attack), we flipped our lids on the promenade, and we showed our warrior side as the Powerpuff Girls. Throughout the pictures we helped encourage each other, get grass off of butts, toes, and hair, and coached each other through getting the perfect smile while nailing the poses.


We ended our day with some delicious pizza and cocktails, swapping life stories and enjoying each others company on our last night together. The 19 hour drive was worth it to meet such beautiful, inspiring ladies and I am so thankful to have met them through IG. Who would’ve thought it actually is safe to meet strangers off the internet?!


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