Hello everyone! This is Jay: ginger superhero, bike enthusiast, outdoors man, slack line extraordinaire, hipster and all around good guy. We’ve known each other about half our lives, lived together for about a year and our adventures include Coachella, Yosemite and climbing Half Dome, a cruise to Mexico and now, a road trip through the desert. Jay joyfully drove me to Pasadena then to Yucca Valley, to and from the gym and to Joshua Tree. What a trooper right?! His creative direction during photo shoots made the heat more bearable and he even cooked me breakfast most mornings! 10/10 would road trip again.

August 2, 2018

Have you ever booked and Airbnb thinking it was going to be the cutest little thing, and then it ends up being super underwhelming? Huge bummer huh? Well that didn’t happen to us. Everything from the Airbnb looked like it was straight out of an Instagram dream! There was a fire pit, a porch with a hammock, dove nests, and more cacti in a small space than a hipster coffee shop. We spent quite a few hours shooting yoga pictures with Piccolo. The only bummer was the broken hot tub. Womp womp.


I spent a few days at CrossFit Yucca Valley and met the incredible Sequoia Barrera. She competed in the CrossFit Games in 2017 as a teenager and competed in CrossFit Regionals West in 2018.

Weightlifting notes:

Jerks felt good. Forgot how to math on the snatch pulls so I did 60kg. My 35kg power snatch went up super easy. I’m pretty sure my body just likes being in the heat.

Dinner was at Joshua Tree Bar and Saloon where I had a delicious romaine heart stack, something about the desert made me crave veggies. There was also a live band and some cool Americana vibes. Believe it or not, I stuck to my goals and only drank water! I even scored some cool swag 🙂


August 3, 2018

Most of my Friday was spent working, doing yoga and working out at CrossFit Yucca Valley. I definitely wanted a picture with Sequioa because I know that girl is going to be famous some day. She forgot but came back to take one with me. What a sweetheart!


Weightlifting notes:

My weight jumps on my snatches were too big, I was shooting my hips and the bars didn’t spin well so my butt being on the ground all afternoon. I ended up with quite a few bruises.

After the gym we got some food and headed out to Joshua Tree. Jay had picked up a flowy red kimono for me during his day of thrifting. We got to the park in time to climb some rocks and catch a surreal sunset but the lighting wasn’t sufficient for pictures, lame. So you will just have to go and see for yourself the Dr. Seuss x Mad Max madness that is, Joshua Tree.


August 4, 2018

NattyLogic dictates that if it takes 6 hours to go from Joshua Tree, CA to Cottonwood, AZ and Lake Havasu only adds an hour then you must go to the water!

But first, #nattyclimbsonthings and #nattylooksatthings

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