August 19, 2018

Tyler and I have been best friends for many years and I was sad we had to part ways after Nashville. But! He was kind enough to drive me to Chicago and show me how to take the L around. I know Tyler and Piccolo were really sad to have to say goodbye. Aw 😦



After being with people for 19, let me say that again, 19 days straight, I was ready for some alone time so I walked around and around and around before heading home to order in delivery. I know Chicago is an amazing food city but, hey, I was exhausted!


August 20, 2018

Met up with my lovely friend, Toki and her boyfriend for pizza at Pequod’s Chicago Pizza. It was really busy but the deep dish was amazing! Not sure which kind of pizza is my favorite though. Deep dish with all the sauce? Fluffy crust? Thin crust? Man, I love pizza.


After the pizza, I went off to Foundry CrossFit to work on my clean and jerks. It was a small gym with a nice homey feel but their t-shirts were gigantic!! Good thing I’m short enough where can rock a t-shirt dress 😛



August 21, 2018

A trip to Chicago isn’t complete without a visit to Brick CrossFit. They had a huge space with an interesting platform set up. But I just couldn’t get used to it! So my snatches were pretty messy that day. Also, they had just sent a team to the CrossFit Games so there was really limited swag, booooo.

Hey Chicago, what’s up with your giant t-shirts?? I’m sensing a theme here…


Anyway, my trip to Chicago was mostly lifting and wandering around to restore my extrovert points but next time there will be more food and museums!

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