August 10, 2018

Jay and I arrived in Denver to celebrate our last hours as dual travelers.  We went to DOMO for dinner and it was amazing. Everything from the decor to the service to the food was on point!

After dinner, we took it easy and waited for Sarah to arrive. Jay was nice enough to wait up for her while her flight got delayed, and delayed, and delayed.  As the hours went on, I got more and more sad. Tyler arrived around midnight but I slept and slept until Sarah finally arrived around 5 AM. It was frustrating because I only had about 48 hours with my bestest friend to start!! But it was reduced to a measly 24 hours. 😿😿😿

August 11, 2018

Finally, the gang is all together and we head to brunch at The Pig & The Sprout. It was super cute with a pork and vegan theme. Kinda ironic right? The coolest part was having this guy coming over to do a magic show. Some of it was cheesy but most of it really blew our minds. I can’t remember the last time I watched someone do up-close magic!


We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around and looking at murals. Denver is such a beautiful city. So walkable and bikable.

I might be a closet foodie. I might be really into growing my own food and preparing it in healthy sustainable ways. I might be really into restaurants and exploring new things so it is very very rare that I will eat at the same restaurant twice. The idea of eating at the same restaurant on the same trip that only has two dinners is unprecedented.  BUT we went to Domo for round two and it did not disappoint. This time, we sat out on the patio and wore cute hats while we ate. If you’re in Denver, you must go to Domo!!


After dinner, we went to find rooftop bars and they were everywhere. The weather was perfect and the vibes were chill af. It took a lot of tries but we finally got a normal picture.


The absolute greatest part about Denver was my first pedicab ride. Jay was deadset on finding one and it was bumping Shiba San’s “Okay” the whole ride while we grooved and bounced along.

What a great city! I can’t wait to go back.

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Travelling the world, one yoga pose selfie at a time.

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